A few days back I wrote on my insta blog about how social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat have contributed significantly to a life we live in likes! Ironic as I used one of these very platforms to get the message across but despite the many pros which definitely outweigh the cons, the truth is all this has created sort of a make-believe world full of heavily posed, overly filtered and unnaturally natural pictures; A world where everyone talks about beauty tips, natural makeup, positive vibes, depression, mindfulness etc, all accompanied by stellar pics of every day life and people living that everyday life in a style and perfection no ordinary person can imagine living 😊

My point is in keeping up with this competition of getting the most likes on pics, which in this day and age, is a tangible measure of someone’s beauty, style, efficiency & popularity, people have upped their game to an altogether different level. From stunning locales to elaborate clothing collections to decorative accessories, some, if not all, are bought/done only for the gram, and Why? To get those all important LIKES! 

Instead of actually being in the moment while it is happening, we, as a social media active generation, are too busy thinking about which angle and pose will come out better on the lens and thus garner more likes. Its like living a life through lenses and screens. Despite being quite active on and in love with the reach of social media, I try my best to be me and not go out of the way just for the sake of a super pretty pic but I must say, am guilty for committing this offence at least a few times. And seeing people post tremendous content almost everyday just baffles me and at the same time leaves that feeling of unease, that feeling to keep up but then I have to remind myself, I am doing this for enjoyment and utilising this space to say and talk about things which sometimes I can’t in normal day to day life.

Its worth thinking since when did being “insta-worthy” or “internet famous” become more important than actually living the life and moments you’ve been blessed with? Do we need the validation of dozens of random strangers on our made up selfies to make us feel good about ourselves? I mean sure it’s great to know other people think you are pretty (everyone on social media is though 🙈) specially in our beauty-obsessed society, but I don’t think any number of likes your pic gets should determine your opinion of yourself. I am pretty confident I and You all are worth so much more than a double tap and a few heart, thumbs up and wow emojis.

So, my dear readers, the next time you take and post a pic, do it because it is beautiful for you, even if it shows your skin and body flaws, even if you know it will not garner as many likes, but that moment, that memory means something to you. Posting something just for the sake of it, because you haven’t posted in a while and your followers might forget you and move on is so not done! All this is giving rise to unhealthy and unwarranted competition and in turn sowing the seeds of social and mental issues like envy, anxiety and what not.

All I can say is for you all to take a step back, think and mostly look at life through your own eyes and use your phones only as a secondary medium. If you see or experience something worth remembering or posting, capture and post it at your leisure instead of feeling pressured to do so. Don’t get me wrong, I love social media and realise it’s an amazing medium that has opened avenues for so many of us but that’s what it is, a medium! So enjoy the pretty pics, thoughtful posts, makeup/skin tips, but just leave it at that 😊

That folks, is my random rambling on this topic. Stay happy, blessed and enjoy life. Ta!

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