Looking into a distant future and imagining the kind of conversations our kids/grandkids might have:

“My mum is still so pretty. I mean look at those Wispies that frame those beautiful eyes of hers and enhance the color of her contacts, those done to perfection shellac nails, those thick luscious hair extensions! And that face, my God, all smooth and wrinkle free, almost like shiny plastic. Those dermal fillers and botox sure have frozen her face in time. (Quite literally though ?)

I am all for taking care of your health and aesthetics, all for skin care regimes, natural and sometimes dramatic makeup and lots of water. But the ‘fakeness’ just doesn’t cut it for me. These current ‘everything fake’ beauty trends are beyond me. This strive and drive for unnatural perfection in the name of maintenance, to me, is a reflection of how narcissistic us humans have become (though mainly the first world khatay peetay humans). Everyone almost looks the same with similar expressionless, limited capacity to smile, frozen swollen faces (call them plump if you fancy), big lashes, big hair, basically big everything! And those pouts, don’t even want to get started on those. Except very few women, the likes of Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor, most normal women with pouts look like they are trying too hard to convince everyone they are sexy while not being quite convinced themselves ?

I know people who won’t have a full battessee smile or, God forbid, a big laugh as that will give them laugh lines. I mean seriously I would rather laugh today and sport my laugh lines proudly in 10 years, rather have every possible expression and reaction to a situation today and wear those lines when am old as that is what makes me ME. Every wrinkle, every frown, every scar on my body tells a story and is a reminder of a life I have lived so why try to cover it up, why be embarrassed of getting old?

For women to be liberated and free in the true sense, they have to stop putting so much emphasis on looking a certain ‘unnaturally perfect’ way. It’s just not healthy for our mental well being. The idea behind this write-up is all about expressing my views on how self obssessed we women are channeled to be with the way we look, it’s about being a slave to the corporate media’s illogical beauty standards, it’s about not thinking we are good enough the way we are. Yes, women have every right to be who they are, how they want to look and like I said am all for taking care of yourself and looking good but there has to be some sanity, some realness to it all. Wasay to smoking pot, cigarettes, drugs all make people happy and are considered cool and hip by many but that doesn’t make these things healthy, does it? And am not saying extensions, nails, fillers are equivalent to these things, God forbid NO! But it’s the general mindset, the root cause that I have a problem with. Occasionally wearing lashes, nails, extensions is totally cool but not feeling self satisfied without all this, not being actually comfortable in your own skin because you have been made to believe you shouldn’t be is what I have a problem with. But again this is my opinion and I am nobody but me.

So my dear readers, just think, does physically looking a certain way guarantees confidence in our selves? Isn’t it a bit shallow and to be honest a ‘ghatay ka sauda’ to make our confidence directly proportional to looking youthful or a certain way that the fashion magazines and social media society deems appropriate? Think, think…

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