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Living the Life in Likes

A few days back I wrote on my insta blog about how social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat have contributed significantly to a life we live in likes! Ironic as I used one of these very platforms to get the message across but despite the many pros which definitely outweigh the cons, the…

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The confused dark side of being a Professional Stay-At-Home Mum

  You are a stay-at-home mum who loves her role, who loves the fact that she is the centre of some tiny human’s universe but at the same time you struggle with coming to terms with this role publicly?  You are not alone sister! Welcome to the club of ambitious, career-oriented professional women now turned…

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Of conscious efforts to form Adult friendships

  Growing up in Karachi I never had to make a conscious effort to make friends. All my friendships were organic and formed as a result of living in a certain environment with a large sample of like-minded people from similar backgrounds. All friendships blossomed without me knowing and putting any extra effort to form…

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Having a child soon after (arranged) marriage: Why it’s not such a good idea

  Before I start to write, let me tell you if you are not from a culture where arranged marriages are still a norm, this post may not interest you as much (assuming my other posts did). Also, I sincerely don’t intend to offend anyone who doesn’t think on the same lines as me and…

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Mum of Two boys and loving it!

  Mum of two boys and loving it! Yes You heard it right…. Being a mum of two boys I cannot recall the number of times I have been told to have a go at it again just so that I can have a girl, the“buhat pyaray bachay hain bas ik lerki aur hojae” comments…

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Being Short: The long and short of it!

  From “hanging on monkey bars will make you taller” to “economy seats men business seats k mazay” to “qad berhao werna shadi nahin hogi” .. have heard all kinds of weird things growing up as a petite little thing. The most innovative one was when someone remarked (though not directly to me) how weird…

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50 Shades of Brown!

  A few days back, I posted on my instagram account about how I was stuck at work when I should have been out basking in the not-so-common hot London sun and enjoying those picture perfect blue skies. Little did I know this will be a long summer of sunny, sunnier, sunniest days without any…

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