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Living room Toy storage shouldn’t have to be an eyesore

    Kids and a clutter-free clean-looking house? Yes, it’s a possibility but bear in mind, only in the shorter term. In the longer run, the real challenge is to have the clutter but manage it in a more aesthetically pleasing way. This becomes an even bigger challenge when you have only 1 main living…

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Carnival Themed Birthday Party

Gone are the days when birthday parties simply meant cake, ‘Happy Birthday’ sign on walls made out of streamers with balloons stuck just about anywhere. Nowadays, it’s about themes, carefully planned cake tables which literally are grand enough to serve as a backdrop for a mainstream magazine photo shoot! I won’t deny that I love…

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Kitchen Reveal

One of the rooms that often gets neglected when it comes to home decor, despite being often one of the most frequented rooms in the house, is the kitchen. As someone who loves eating with a special affinity towards home cooked food but also someone who doesn’t really enjoy cooking, I still spend a considerable…

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