As much as I value education and knowledge, sometimes I do realise why the philosophers said what they said when they said: “Ignorance is bliss”!

With the lives of modern-day humans dictated by timetables and structured schedules ever since they are toddlers, from the 9-12 nursery hours, the lunchtime, the nap time, the swim class and so on and so forth, with this timetable becoming even more complicated as we transition into adulthood, it’s no wonder that the days start to feel like a timed race! More so when we add parenthood to the mix. Sometimes I feel as if my brain is wired to a non-stop mental clock following the actual clock like an artificially intelligent robot, all day, every day, till death will set it free.

It’s in this daily hustle, when I have a few moments of quiet and can hear the beautiful sounds of birds chirping, leaves rustling and the wind whistling that I understand what a simpler, technology free, materialistic-gain free, ‘ignorance is bliss’ kind of life must feel like.

Don’t you have days where you wish you could just sit by the window when it rains or snows and read books you won’t ever be tested on; When you can paint or write without attaching any material value to it and only because you want to; when you can get up slowly in the morning with no rush to be somewhere on time; when you can actually listen to your body and do/not do things based on this. 

I, for one, certainly have these days where I wish I could break free from the artificial restraints that we humans have imposed on ourselves, the hustle that define our success, the race for winning life when life really should be about living not racing.

I wish to have this simple life one day, where am not governed by clocks or money or where I don’t have to do things only to prove something, to prove my worth! But then I also realise evolution dictates otherwise and the show must go on, at least for now ?.

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