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Month: August 2018

Having a child soon after (arranged) marriage: Why it’s not such a good idea

  Before I start to write, let me tell you if you are not from a culture where arranged marriages are still a norm, this post may not interest you as much (assuming my other posts did). Also, I sincerely don’t intend to offend anyone who doesn’t think on the same lines as me and…

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Carnival Themed Birthday Party

Gone are the days when birthday parties simply meant cake, ‘Happy Birthday’ sign on walls made out of streamers with balloons stuck just about anywhere. Nowadays, it’s about themes, carefully planned cake tables which literally are grand enough to serve as a backdrop for a mainstream magazine photo shoot! I won’t deny that I love…

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Mum of Two boys and loving it!

  Mum of two boys and loving it! Yes You heard it right…. Being a mum of two boys I cannot recall the number of times I have been told to have a go at it again just so that I can have a girl, the“buhat pyaray bachay hain bas ik lerki aur hojae” comments…

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